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  • Collection: Activists and Authorities: the May 1970 Protests at North Carolina State University

March on Raleigh, May 11, 1970 The Technician

Peace Retreat opens.jpg

There is a great deal of text on the page, the image is mostly to show the attention the march was getting on NC State's campus.

"Troops Ordered Into Cambodia," May 1, 1970

Into Cambodia.jpg

The front page is used as a resource to show the front page and provide the text panel with an interesting image.

Front page of Technician after Kent State shootings

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Front page ofTechnicianis uploaded to provide an image for a text panel. Elements of the articles will be in the panel itself.

NC State Convocation Meeting

Peace Retreat 1.jpg
Part of the May 6, 1970 protests, a large meeting at the Convocation to discuss the Vietnam War and the university's place in it drew more than 2,000 people.

Faculty Pass Peace Proposal, 1970


Student Retreat Proposal Passes Faculty Meeting 265 to 233

Peace sign, March on Raleigh, May 1970

Peace Retreat 3.jpg
A photo taken during the May 8, 1970 march on Raleigh shows large group of students from across North Carolina along with a man holding a large peace sign placard.

Cathy Sterling at demonstration

Cathy Sterling gives speech to students at a demonstration in the University Plaza (Brickyard)

"Student Retreat Proposal Passes Faculty Meeting 265 to 233"

North Carolina State University school newspaper, the Technician, detailing the Peace Retreat and content written by Cathy Sterling.